Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spring Break Trip!

I'm doing some recapping here.  We took a trip to Washington and Oregon during Spring Break to visit family! The kids got to see all of their grandparents, great grandmas, and even some aunts, uncles, cousins... and some friends too!

We're off!
Hottie hubby is ready for our 13 hour drive!
 We made it to the Sandman and are ready for a swim!
The next day we made it to Grandma Tony's and Grandpa Jims!
 Grandpa Jim giving Lucy mandolin lessons
Aunt Spring's baby shower for my niece Clara Grace!
Chloe had SO much fun at the baby shower!

 All the little girls had fun playing with ribbons.
Me at the end of the party!
 Next was our visit to Grandma Peggy's and Grandpa Kevins! The kids woke up with smiles on their faces!
 Superhero time!
 We celebrated Grandma Peggy's birthday! Grandpa Kevin cooked an amazing dinner with crab stuffed salmon! YUM!
 Cake and gifts!
 We played at the river! Who is that superhero with Lucy!
 Lucy liked throwing rocks in the river!
 Chloe and Jack worked together and built a cool bridge!
 The kids climbed one of Grandma's trees

 Lucy couldn't get enough of the swing!
 Chloe helping Grandma with her garden.
 Here we are having a wonderful visit at Great Grandma Silvie's!
 We also visited our friends, the Estes Family! Here Lucy and Landon are eating dinner together!
 Caleb, Jackson and Chloe
 Having fun with Caleb!
 The kids also got to visit their Great Grandma Lottie, Grandpa Michael, Grandma Ellen Great Aunt Betsy and cousin, Ian.
 Aunt Betsy, Ian, Chloe and Lucy!
Our next stop was to see the Baders!  Here's Aleena, Tirus, Jackson and Chloe jumping on the trampoline!
 Jack and Lucy were happy to see each other too!
 Jack and Lucy feeding each other dessert! Cute!
 We also drove to Oregon to see Grandpa Brian! (this pic is a little blurry, but too cute to leave out!)
 Awe! Grandpa and Lucy are doing some catching up!
 The kids had some belated Christmas gifts to open at Grandpa Brian's and Grandma Suzie's.
 'Princess Lucy' posing for the camera!
 We stopped in the town of Hope to play on our trip home!
 It was a beautiful Spring day!

 Cutie Pies!
 Lucy and I.  It looks like she's found her thumb!
 Hope, British Columbia
 Ahhh, a stop at one of our favorite hotels and some fun in the pool!
 Our last day on the road!

 Spring Break 2012!

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  1. Love the pictures.....and can't believe it's already been 9 weeks since I've seen you!