Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Visit from Grandpa Michael and Aunt Betsy!

We had a great five day visit from my dad and Aunt Betsy! They traveled by Greyhound bus on a 13+ hour ride from Seattle.  The roads have been covered with snow and ice with our -40 degree cold spell, and taking the bus was a good alternative to driving. While they were here, it warmed up a bit to around -12, and the skies were sunny and blue! We enjoyed showing them around town, sledding (or sliding as they say here :), Sunday morning church, x-country skiing and ice skating with Jackson and Chloe's grade 2 and kindergarten classes!

Sliding at Dead Man's Hill (if you look close there's actually three different hills)
 Jack and Chloe at the top!
Jackson flying down the hill

Chloe crashes!

Even Lucy joined in the fun!

Here comes Grandpa!

Here comes Aunt Betsy!

Aunt Betsy tows Lucy up the hill
 Grandpa Michael and Lucy sliding! (she couldn't get enough! :)
Time to go home
 Baby's ready for a nap!
It's playtime...pretty shoes!

playin' Angry Birds...

 Betsy on x-country skiis
X-Country Skiing with friends Norma and Emma

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