Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Yesterday we celebrated Lucy's second Birthday!  She woke up to decorations and balloons all over the house!  Jackson, Chloe, Able & I stayed up the night before wrapping her gift, blowing up balloons and making the house look festive!  I made her a Big Top Cupcake (of which the top fell apart! Opps!)
 Owell, she's only two after all (I was MUCH more upset than her {shrug}). I used the chocolate cake recipe out of one of kids favorite storybook, 'Little Bear's Birthday.' It was delicious - next time I just need to cook the top longer.

I let Chloe frost and decorate the cake, and I think she did a beautiful job!  Lucy was very impressed too!

Lucy you are like cinnamon & sugar!  Your would way rather play tickle with brother, 'Jackie,' or dance with sister, 'Cookie,' than play with any, no matter how new, colorful, shiny or talkative toy.
Your usual day consists of waking up, calling, "Mama, Dada, Mama, Dada," (over & over) jumping up down and getting so excited when we come to get you out of bed.

 Then you get seated at the breakfast table in your high chair with your sippy cup & breakfast to watch your favorite show, 'Sesame Street,' (which you call, "Elmo!") When it's time for them to go, you say goodbye to brother, sister & Daddy when they leave for the day.  You like to be in charge of opening & closing the door, and you don't close the door until the car is out of sight and you have said goodbye and blown kisses at least twenty times!
You love to go on walks with Mommy.  You think your stroller is the coolest! 'Jackie' & 'Cookie' think you look like your in a space ship when your all bundled up in it with the cover zipped up!  It does look like something from outter space when you get hungry for a snack & stick your little hand out for a cracker!  It always makes us giggle to see you do that.  On cold days when we bundle you up to go outside, we can't put a hat on you because when you get a tiny bit tired you have to twirl your hair, so, you wear a headband instead! Mittens are also a problem for you because you are a thumbsucker! I have gotten smart and cut all the thumbs off of your gloves which makes us both much happier!

If it were up to you, you would cuddle all day and you can't get enough storytime! Sometimes I think I'm going to loose my voice from so many books!  Your favorite thing is to twirl your hair, suck your thumb (except when you pop your thumb out of your mouth to turn the page), cuddle with mommy & read a story together. You love to be held and to play with my hair, which is why I keep it long.  You have enough hair now to put in pig tails!

We call you, 'little bug,' when your hair is this way, because it reminds us of little anteanas.
You finally take baths now in the bathtub!  The kitchen sink was getting much too small to hold you! When you saw your dolly getting a bath in the big tub, you were ready to go too, now you cry when its time to get out!
Amazingly, you are already using your potty chair!  You don't take no for an answer when you have to go either! You say, "pee, go pee," over and over until I take you to the washroom.  I don't remember any of the other kids pottytraining this early!  I sometimes wonder if your trying to keep up with the big kids!
Lucy, you have been such a joy to us! You are a natural nurturur.  Even though your only two, you 'Mother,' all of us with your sweet & gentle ways.

You love to tuck, 'Jackie,' & 'Cookie,' into bed with hugs and kisses! If it were up to you, you would all share one big bed, so that you could snuggle!  You are very senstitve and really disslike any crying in the house, it makes you very sad.  You hate to see anybody get, 'boo boos.' If they do, you offer an instant hug & kiss to cure.  Your favorite song is, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," and you love to be sung to every night while your rocked.  Your brother learned it on the piano for you.  When he plays, you rock your doll and sing it to her.

You may only be two Lucy, but you have captured all our hearts! God has blessed us with a happy and healthy little girl! When you fold your hands to pray with us at night, you sometimes make us giggle! You usually think the prayer is a little too long, so when you've had enough you say, "Amen," (only you hold out the 'A' sound for a while as you nod your head enthusiastically!)  Happy second birthday Lu-Lu! We love you!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween To Do:

      1. Buy more candy (my neighbor told me we live in a busy neighborhood for Trick or Treaters)
     2.  Kids have to finally decide on what their going to be for Halloween (after all it's only the night before!)

I confess I didn't spend a dime on costumes this year.  Before you feel bad for the kids and think that they are deprived because they didn't get new Halloween costumes...well, it's true they didn't, BUT!  They have a trunk and it's very (overfull) of, 'dress-up-stuff.' So I had an amazing, frugal (cheap!) idea and told them to pick something, and that would be their costume! They didn't argue, I didn't even get any strange looks!
Jackson didn't hesitate, he knew right away that he was going to be, a 'Star Wars Clone.' Chloe, on the other hand, couldn't decide what she wanted to dress up as! I mean the first day it was a butterfly, the next day a dog, then she wanted to be a hunter and a cowboy (I'm not entirely sure how that would of worked?), after that, a pig!  I have to say she had an endless list of possibilities, but she knew she had to come to a decision - and fast! So she finally decided to be a...MAGICIAN! (We were so relieved that she finally made her decision!) {Whew!} Baby Lucy was a snap to pick for.  We gave her two choices, an angel or a dog.  I had her all dressed up in her adorable white angel dress and wings, and all she could do was try to wiggle her way out of it and get to the dog costume! So we knew what we had to do!

Here they are between the school Halloween dance and going out, Trick-or-Treating.

Lucy wore her costume all day too! In fact, she even won a prize at our local grocery store for cutest costume! My only problem is, she still will not take the costume off (oh, how I wonder how long this stage will last?) I am looking forward to getting my daughter back someday.  For now, however, she is very happy being a dog.

Even doggies need breaks sometimes!

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Pumpkin Carving!

Pumpkin carving went well. However, I mistakenly told the kids to draw a picture of the face they wanted on their pumpkin. (What was I thinking!) This is what they drew

  Being that I'm not hugely artistic and I think I've carved the same face on every single Halloween pumpkin we've ever had, their adorable drawing was NEVER going to happen. So, we compromised, and took a little bit of what they wanted and a little bit of  my steak knife skills, and we made a Jack-O-Lantern that everybody was happy with! {Yay!}

My mom's recipe for pumpkin seeds!

A crowd pleaser {Yum!}

We named him, 'Jackie'!