Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween To Do:

      1. Buy more candy (my neighbor told me we live in a busy neighborhood for Trick or Treaters)
     2.  Kids have to finally decide on what their going to be for Halloween (after all it's only the night before!)

I confess I didn't spend a dime on costumes this year.  Before you feel bad for the kids and think that they are deprived because they didn't get new Halloween costumes...well, it's true they didn't, BUT!  They have a trunk and it's very (overfull) of, 'dress-up-stuff.' So I had an amazing, frugal (cheap!) idea and told them to pick something, and that would be their costume! They didn't argue, I didn't even get any strange looks!
Jackson didn't hesitate, he knew right away that he was going to be, a 'Star Wars Clone.' Chloe, on the other hand, couldn't decide what she wanted to dress up as! I mean the first day it was a butterfly, the next day a dog, then she wanted to be a hunter and a cowboy (I'm not entirely sure how that would of worked?), after that, a pig!  I have to say she had an endless list of possibilities, but she knew she had to come to a decision - and fast! So she finally decided to be a...MAGICIAN! (We were so relieved that she finally made her decision!) {Whew!} Baby Lucy was a snap to pick for.  We gave her two choices, an angel or a dog.  I had her all dressed up in her adorable white angel dress and wings, and all she could do was try to wiggle her way out of it and get to the dog costume! So we knew what we had to do!

Here they are between the school Halloween dance and going out, Trick-or-Treating.

Lucy wore her costume all day too! In fact, she even won a prize at our local grocery store for cutest costume! My only problem is, she still will not take the costume off (oh, how I wonder how long this stage will last?) I am looking forward to getting my daughter back someday.  For now, however, she is very happy being a dog.

Even doggies need breaks sometimes!

Happy Halloween Everybody!


  1. Awesome pics!! Adorable dog and how great they all got to make a decision outside of the store!! My fav was the year I made Able's costume for a school play....he was an Owl, hundreds of feathers cut and lined two pizza rounds with elastic on back to hook to arms...head gear with the same for feathered ears and beak...took me most of the night. I was much more impressed than Able! LOL And so were many other grown-ups at the play! :) Awww....those wonderful treasured memories!!

  2. Thanks Ma! It's amazing the things we will go through for our kids! What a neat memory for Able that would never have never been without a little creativity, hard work & a lot of love! I really do need to get a picture of him as a little boy in his 'Owl Costume!'