Friday, October 21, 2011

Hair Pretty

I LOVE Chloe's curls! However, they do have their challenges...(or maybe it's just me!) I'm always looking for cute, little girl hairstyles to try.  It's important to have it out of her face and we love braids! She is mostly patient with me and really loves to pick out 'hair pretties' each day that match her outfit.  In fact, she loves lots of color and she might even put every 'hair pretty' she owns on her head, all at the same time, if I would let her! (What can I say, she's my creative child!)
Here's a new style we tried today.  I divided the front of her hair into three sections and french braided each. *She insisted we add some 'flare,' so we added four hair clips as well! :)

A view from the top of her head

From the side

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