Monday, July 18, 2011

Sewing with Kids

Today I got mom 'rock star' status from my kids. We made diaries and journals (which are pretty much the same thing, but because of a technicality we gave them different names {shrug}. Chloe came into the kitchen very sad because her brother had a 'diary' and she didn't. It wasn't the first time she had brought it up, so I thought why don't we just make one {it couldn't be that hard, right?} So, the kids started by picking out their thread color and buttons (for the clasp). They did great stitching the binding and embroidering their own designs on the covers. Jackson even appliqued a baseball on his! Before we began our craft, Jackson informed me that he would not be participating because only girls have diaries. I assured him that even though this was generally true, that boys could have journals and still be cool. So I guess that worked because he happily crafted right along with us and they both did awesome! Here's some pics

baby Lucy is done coloring and ready for her nap

sewing more binding

the finished product!

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